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International Conference of Researchers in Business Administration 2011
November 22 and 23, 2011, Universidad Externado de Colombia, Bogotá.
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1. Description

The International Conference of Researchers in Business Administration 2011 aims to be a place for the generation of networks of knowledge and the socialization of advances in research in the field of Business Administration in developing countries. This event is directed at professors, researchers, pre and post-graduate students, as well as consultants, public officials, non-governmental organizations, and those interested in analyzing problems that affect businesses and identifying innovative solutions.

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2. Organizing Committee

  • Alejandro Beltran Duque.
    Dean of the School of Management
    Universidad Externado de Colombia
  • Augusto Rodriguez Orejuela
    Dean of the Faculty of Management Sciences
    Universidad del Valle
  • Carlos Restrepo Rivillas
    Research Director in the School of Management
    General Director of the Event
    Universidad Externado de Colombia

3. Support Team

  • Miguel Torres Rodriguez
    Development Engineer
  • Viviana Virgen
     Registration and inquiries
  • Margarita Arboleda
    Diana Arevalo
     Administrative and logistical support
  • Diana Gutierrez
  • Sonia Novoa
    External Relations

4. Areas to be discussed

Papers can be presented in the following areas:

  • Future Studies, Strategy, and Competitiveness
    Coordinator: Francisco Mojica
  • Public Policy and Regional Development
    Coordinator: Edgar Varela
  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Business History
    Coordinator: Julián Gálvez
  • Human Resources, Organizational Behavior, Corporate Social Responsibility and Knowledge Management
    Coordinator: Andrés Azuero
  • Marketing and International Business
    Coordinator: Germán Contreras
  • SMEs and Family Businesses
    Coordinator: José Vargas Caicedo
  • Finance and Accounting
    Coordinator: Eduardo Ruiz
  • Environmental Management and Operations
    Coordinator: Alejandro Boada

5. Benefits of participating

  • Free registration for attendees and authors
  • Certificates will be given to attendees and authors
  • The presentations will be published in the event memories, with an ISBN code
  • The best paper presented in each area will be rewarded.
    [See the list of winning papers]

6. Documents and guidelines

7. Joint project proposals

[See the list of joint projects that were agreed to develop with the various institutions participating in the meeting]

8. More information

Any and all concerns you may have should be addressed to the following email:

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