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Center of Technology and Production
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The Center of Technology and Production is a department of interdisciplinary support in the School of Management with more than 10 years of experience.  It is in charge of promoting innovation within the dimensions of sustainable development, creativity, analytical tools critical for decision making in productive environments, as well as technologies that support the management of company supply chains today.

In the world there is a strong and unavoidable pressure on productive sectors to adapt technological development, production, and organization to globalized market demands.  Demands such as environmental conservation and social justice become the principle instruments for a sustainable model of entrepreneurial competitiveness.  The CTP contributes effectively to the implementation of activities to meet these demands. At the same time, the CTP is aware of the fact that these creative efforts produce new business models, new values, and new technologies that help us construct new institutions, businesses, and appropriate policies that may result in a vision of a future society that is fair and sustainable.


Academic programs and research

The CTP is responsible for the following programs at the Post graduate level:

  1. Specialization in Innovation and Business Development, active since 2007 with 7 graduating classes
  2. Specialization in Environmental Management, active since 2001 with 7 graduating classes
  3. Creativity and Innovation program as part of the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with more than 8 graduating classes
  4. Now offering a Masters in Business Innovation (MBI)

The CTP is led by the Director Alejandro Boada and the Management in Organizations group recognized by Colciencias in Category B for 4 years.  Currently, this group is awaiting re-categorization, the result of which will be given by Colciencias in November of 2011



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