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From the point of view of marketing education, the idea is to promote quality academic programs for marketing professionals so that they are capable of enhancing, influencing, and transforming marketing practices that may in turn create competitive advantages for businesses as well as meet a broader goal of a higher quality of life for society.

From an executive education point of view, the goal is to enhance the relationship between businesses and their academic counterparts in order to generate synergy between the needs of organizations and the knowledge and skills developed by students and research.

With regards to research, the Center emphasizes value creation as a study objective.  The idea is to understand how this is created, stimulated, facilitated, and appreciated.  At the same time, we hope to advance studies focused on current trends and phenomena in the marketing field of Colombia with particular attention paid to the paradigm of services.  The Center also works to provide new methods of marketing consultation services.


The Center of Marketing aims to meet the demand for well-formed marketing professionals.  It does so partly in an effort to contribute to the changes being made in the use of commercial resources to generate not only business but social value as well.  As such, the Center accepts the following as one of the definitions of marketing:  Marketing is an organizational function that should not result in negative consequences or dysfunctions that might damage targeted groups, consumers, or society in general; to the contrary, it should strive to reinforce social wellbeing (Maholtra, 2006).  With this in mind, the objectives of the Center of Marketing are not limited to proposing new tools of productivity, but also to reinforce the ethical principles of marketing managers in the exchange of goods and services and that, at the same time, comply with conditions of social responsibility and  economic and environmental sustainability.

The Center´s Programs

The Center of Marketing offers the following post graduate programs:



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