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Organizations require Directional-Leaders that efficiently – and responsibly – lead and orient collective efforts and resources towards achieving corporate and social goals.  These goals must include protecting the interests of stakeholders and contributing to not only company development, but also to human, social, national development as well.
The Center of Leadership’s focus is to research the concepts and strategies of ethical and responsible leadership formation so as to provide a comprehensive means to deliver leadership competencies in our undergraduate, postgraduate, and executive education programs.


The Center of Leadership aims to develop and enrich knowledge and leadership competencies through theoretic and empirical research, the goal being to enhance these competencies in undergraduate and postgraduate programs, in business and in the community at large.
The conceptual framework is based on transformational leadership with an emphasis on moral values.  Directional-Leaders are virtuous and able to lead responsibly while instilling a sense of excellence in others.  Knowing how to take action is what the Center refers to as leading sensibly.
The Center has classified its research processes in three main areas with one common epicenter: the competencies that define knowing how to take action.  In this case, integrity and confidence are what propel the directional -leader to success in the field.  The three areas are: Character, Direction, and Leadership.  Character includes the desire to obtain results through action and perseverance.  Direction is to understand  and be able to make decisions, negotiate and strategize.  And leadership requires an ability to manage time, communicate effectively and motivate personnel, as well as to build and develop high-performance teams. 
To fulfill the conceptual and formative purpose of leadership, the specific objectives of the Center are as follows:

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