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The general objective of the Center of Information Management and Finances is to understand, measure, and improve the efficiency of organizations in the utilization of strategy. Implementing strategy is defining and executing processes with the use of technology.

It is considered that, in the implementation of strategy (from initial formulation to implementation in processes), organizations are exposed to risks that affect both their objectives and their stakeholders. It is important to understand:

  1. The techniques and methods that allow the improvement of process design and consequently the organization´s performance.
  2. The impact of operational and strategic schemes in which information technologies are used in the organization.

These objectives frame a wide yet specific field in which the Center can focus its efforts on conducting research, collaborating with the business community, and teaching, All things considered, the Center hopes to offer quality products to the academic community and adequate solutions to business problems.


The search for improvement in quality and reduction of costs has been a relentless challenge for businesses.  The growth, profitability, and even survival of businesses have intimately been related to the effectiveness with which these entities succeed in creating or capitalizing on market opportunities.  To make this possible, a coherent scheme is required that articulates objectives, strategies, and processes that ensure fulfillment of institutional purposes as defined by customer expectations and the business’ abilities to meet those expectations.

Additionally, means of evaluating processes are necessary to identify variations, causes and effects, and to be able to respond appropriately.  Permanently monitoring such processes is key to ensuring proper execution.  As such, the Center strives to find solutions for businesses in terms of efficiency and response time, among other things.   

In defining and implementing strategy – in regards to processes and products – the application of technology has a relevant role since, to a large degree, it determines the efficiency and effectiveness with which businesses perform.  As a resource, technology is a crucial investment and its use should be carried out according to operational and strategic criteria; since the extensive use of technology is what assures higher levels of production.  It is the harmonization of strategy, processes and technology that will allow business to achieve real competitive advantages and even better living conditions for humanity.





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