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As components of the curriculum, the following pedagogical strategies and evaluation systems, explained by the course plan, is revised and updated by consulting professors, students, professionals, and alumni. This plan is constructed based on academic and professional demands for the administration of businesses, and the analysis of current principal problems in Colombia and around the world.

The course plan for the MBA program is flexible, contextualized, and comprehensive. In this way, we promote the capacity of the student to apply knowledge in real contexts. Examples include the Plan Padrinos Program® and other simulations which through an interpretive and critical educational process permits the re-construction, re-education, and integration of the administrative knowledge in analysis and the solution for business situations. 

The course plan for the MBA program includes 862 hours in-person in these modules grouped by themes:

Module I: Fundamentals and Management

This module proposes to the student to reflect on fundamental themes from the Academic Project and on the materials, which form the basis of the School of Management.

Course Credits Hours
Fundamental Area
Strategy and Sustainability 3 36
Economics and Businesses 3 36
Management Area
Administrative Thinking 3 36
Entrepreneurship and Development of Business Capacity 3 24
Finance I 3 24
Organizational Analysis 3 24
Research Epistemology 3 24
Total 21 204


Module II: Functional

This module permits the student to analyze different subjects as they relate to each of the functional areas of the organization from various perspectives. Students are then expected to know these perspectives in order to look for the operational efficiency of an organization, understanding the creation of value in the processes of a business. Included are the studies of administrative thinking, management of human talent, finance, marketing, and operations and information systems management.

Course Credits Hours
Functional Area I
Management of Human Talent 3 36
Marketing I 3 36
Management Information Systems 3 24
Marketing II 3 24
Functional Area II
Management of Operations 3 36
Eco-efficiency 3 24
Finance II 3 36
Research Methods 3 24
Total 24 240


Module III: Strategy

The strategic module constitutes one of our differentiating principles in which we provide knowledge in important subjects for the construction of the future. Students analyze themes and methodologies to establish and determine the basic and distinct competencies of an organization and the strategic importance of Intellectual Capital. In the same way, future studies expect to ensure that the student understands the importance of proactive and anticipatory thinking, transcending the organization. By integrating these concepts, we ensure the durability of the entities in the world. As an important support in the formation of students, this module also includes a business intervention, which looks to improve the performance of SMEs. In this way, we ensure the philosophical terms of the program achieve the education of the strategic manager.

Course Credits Hours
Strategic Area
Strategic Direction 4 48
Future Studies 3 36
Leadership 3 36
Plan Padrinos (Applied Research) 2 24
Seminars (6) Electives 6 72
Total 18 216


Module IV: Emphasis

The importance of knowledge and new challenges facing the organization create indispensable offerings for a series of areas which permit the student to go into depth in the acquired knowledge in his or her specific interest. The emphasis contributes to the differentiating element, providing the possibility to enrich the professional management performance in the chosen area of focus. The differentiation is then established by the emphasis in traditional subjects and by the participation of professors from respected, international universities. The emphasis can be in subjects such as: future studies, information systems, intellectual capital, development of new products, and internationalization

Course Credits Hours
Emphasis Area
Course I 8 24
Course II 24
Course III 24
Course IIV 24
Research Project 3 24
Thesis 12 82
Total 23 202



The dissertation consists of the public presentation of the results from a research or development project. In the presentation, the student will pay attention to the doubts of the audience, typically formed by students, business professionals, and a judge. The dissertation is required for graduation.


Note: The management of the program reserves the right to make changes and modifications as it sees best to the structure, hours, and in the salary of professors in order to improve the program and develop the management themes. 

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